Detoxing Naturally With These Three Foods Does Your Body Good

Finding yourself under stress, bored or even feeling a little blue can lead to the natural craving for comfort foods and snacks.  We have all been there.  However, not all the foods we crave are good for us. Eating high-calorie, high-fat foods can lead to unhealthy habits if sustained for too long. By mixing in some of the following ingredients, you can not only add a much-needed boost of nutrients to your diet, but it can also naturally detox your body. Here are three detoxifying foods that can help you start feeling better from the inside out.


Did you know that ginger has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant? No wonder ginger is often one of the first ingredients found in cleansing recipes and supplements! The root aids with digestion increase circulation, and promotes sweating – all of which are the body’s main avenues of detoxification. Try ginger in hot tea, Asian-inspired dishes, and soup.

Leafy Greens

No surprise here – leafy greens are one of the best foods out there for natural detoxification. That’s because they are rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B, K, C, and E. Many of these nutrients are involved in the detoxification process. Leafy greens are also full of fiber, which helps to detoxify your gastrointestinal tract. Spinach, kale, alfalfa leaf, and parsley are especially favored, so find ways to incorporate those into your salads, sandwiches, and smoothies as much as possible.


You’ve heard the old saying, but it’s true: an apple a day might keep the doctor away! Apples provide detoxification support for your liver, thanks to the pectin and malic acid in apples. We’ll save you the chemical facts, but just know that pectin helps remove cholesterol and toxins from the blood, while malic acid acts as a blood cleanser. Enjoy apples in salads, breakfast dishes, on their own, or slathered with peanut butter!

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